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The Scientific Combat Club is in Marietta, GA. We welcome new students who are mature adults interested in contributing to our practice. Here are the programs we offer:

Jeet Kune Do / Jun Fan Gung Fu

We study Jeet Kune Do / Jun Fan Gung Fu just as it was developed, practiced and taught by it’s founder, Bruce Lee. “Jeet Kune Do” is the philosophy of seeking truth and expressing yourself honestly. “Jun Fan Gung Fu” is the techniques, principles, and training methods developed and taught by Bruce Lee for fighting.

Jun Fan Gung Fu is a clearly defined and codified system. We teach only the authentic and original Jun Fan Gung Fu. Our instructor has studied Jeet Kune Do / Jun Fan Gung Fu for over 30 years.


 Our foundation FMA program is Arnis de Mano. Advanced students may study Kali - Silat and Kuntaw. The people of the Philippines have a long and honored martial tradition of defending themselves and their homeland. The Filipino Warrior Arts were taught as family protection systems from father to son, generation after generation, and as tribal arts for war. Always the focus was on developing skills quickly that could be used for real combat.  Most martial arts that we see today were developed in martial arts studios as a product or recreational program, or from sport competitions. The Filipino Martial Arts were developed by Warriors on the battlefield, the lessons learned from life-or-death combat. Arnis de Mano has come to us relatively unchanged, and is still in use around the world in actual combat and is the foundation for military combatives around the world. As beautiful as it is effective, Arnis de Mano is a fulfilling life-long activity that develops spiritual and mental strength, courage and self-reliance. The training of Arnis de Mano is a beauty of action, fluidity, and quickness. However, when the techniques are applied it is shockingly effective. Arnis de Mano is an ancient Filipino martial art that blends the best elements of Filipino grappling, Filipino kickboxing, and various traditional Filipino stick and knife fighting styles into a brilliantly conceived, versatile, and devastatingly effective martial art. From the beginning, students are exposed to double-stick, single-stick, stick and knife, knife, and empty-hand fighting combinations. Our instructor has studied Filipino Martial Arts for over 30 years.

Liu Seong Kuntao

The Liu Seong System is one of the many styles of Kuntao, which are hybrid martial arts systems derived from the cultures of Chinese Indonesia. The Liu Seong system was brought to America, from Indonesia, by Willem A. Reeders (1917-1990).

Willem Reeders was of mixed heritage, being of Dutch and Chinese blood, but raised in Indonesia. He received training in a variety of martial arts, no one knows how many exactly. His primary teacher was his great uncle Liu Seong, whose title he bore. His uncle taught him his family's Kuntao system, a sophisticated form of fighting which focuses on close range technique. Reeders also studied many Silat systems, having over ten silat teachers. His silat styles included Setia Hati, Tjikalong (Cikalong), Tjimande (Cimande), Harimau, and Serak, among others. Reeders was an extremely accomplished martial artist who was able to tie many focal elements of various arts together into a cohesive whole. The result is an art that although bearing many similarities to many well known arts still retains a distinctive identity with its own signature movements, strategies, and tactics. It is based firmly in an objective approach, based on the principles of physics, anatomy, and psychology. The patterns of movement are designed to be extremely effective and one hallmark is the ability to throw a large volume of attacks very rapidly.

Krav Maga

(Private Instruction or Clinic only)

Krav Maga is the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, and has been taught to hundreds of law enforcement agencies, military units, and thousands of civilians around the world.

Krav Maga is a simple, effective self defense system that emphasizes instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios. Our instructor has several certifications in Krav Maga, including an instructor certification directly from Israel.

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